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Surgutneftegas Customer Service Phone Number, Email ID, Head Office Address

If you are one looking for details about Surgutneftegas, you are at the correct track. Customers who search for questions such as Surgutneftegas contact information, what is Surgutneftegas’s phone number, how to contact Surgutneftegas or others can be found in the next section. The first section consists of contact details, including Surgutneftegas office phone number, fax number, Surgutneftegas office address, and mail ID. In addition to this section, there is a link section with a contact page, a FAQ page along with a career page. Social accounts of Surgutneftegas are also provided n proper format.

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About Surgutneftegas?
Surgutneftegas Phone Numbers
Surgutneftegas Email IDs
Surgutneftegas Addresses
Social Media Profiles of Surgutneftegas

Surgutneftegas is a famous Russia’s largest privately-owned vertical integrated oil companies with research and design, drilling, exploration and production units, refining, marketing subsidiaries, and gas processing. Surgutneftegas includes a large refinery in Kirishi, Leningrad Oblast operated by Kirishinefteorgsintez subsidiary. The company fulfills all the obligations to the country, shareholders, business partners, and consumers in a systematic modernization of production capacity, rationally uses natural resources, continues to solve environmental and safety problems, deeply involved. Surgutneftegas was considered behind Baikalfinansgrup, which acquired Yugos’ main oil production facility Yuganskneftegaz in a controversial auction in 2004. Surgutneftegas’s production facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology tailored to local geologic and climatic conditions, enabling the company to perform all its work independently. Surgutneftegas conducts exploration, exploration and production of hydrocarbons in three Russian oil and gas regions of Russia, Siberia, Western Siberia, and Timan-Pechora.

About Surgutneftegas

Who is the founder of Surgutneftegas? n/a
Who is the CEO of Surgutneftegas? Vladimir Bogdanov
When did Surgutneftegas found? 1977

Through the above details of the Surgutneftegas will help you to know more about Surgutneftegas.

Surgutneftegas Phone Numbers

Customer Service Phone Number +7 (3462) 42-69-37
Press Service +7 (3462) 42-72-41
Single Reference Number +7 (3462)42-70-09
Head Office Contact Number +7 (3462) 42-61-33
Employment Services Telefax +7 (3462) 41-51-41
Property Sales Department +7 (3462) 41-15-55 , +7 (3462) 42-64-07

Here above details are of Surgutneftegas contact numbers. You can use the above numbers to make contact with their supporting staff according to the department.

Surgutneftegas Email IDs

Customer Service Email ID Bogdanov-VL-REF@surgutneftegas.ru
Property Sales Department Zorin_EA1@surgutneftegas.ru
Press Email ID press-ext@surgutneftegas.ru
Investor Relations Ir-ext@surgutneftegas.ru
Employment Services resume@surgutneftegas.ru
Human Resources Department hr@surgutneftegas.ru

Here in the above section, you will get Surgutneftegas email ids of all the departments. Submit your queries on these email ids with a genuine subject.

Surgutneftegas Addresses

Head Office Address ul.Grigoriya Kukuyevitskogo, 1, bld. 1, the city of Surgut, Tyumenskaya Oblast, Khanty-Mansiysky Autonomous Okrug – Yugra, Russian Federation, 628415

Above here you will get Surgutneftegas’s head office complete address in the proper format. Use the info to contact the company.

Surgutneftegas Official Website: surgutneftegas.ru

Use the above link to visit Surgutneftegas official website. Go to the above site and know complete details about Surgutneftegas.

Social Media Profiles of Surgutneftegas

Facebook Fan Page n/a
Twitter Handle n/a
Instagram Handle n/a
YouTube Channel n/a
Linkedin Handle linkedin.com/company/surgutneftegas

The above links are the social media profiles of the Surgutneftegas. Subscribe to Surgutneftegas and get all the latest updates about the company on your timeline.

Important Links

Contact Us: surgutneftegas.ru/en/company/contacts
Go to the above link to open Surgutneftegas contact us page. Visit the page as here you will get company contact details including its contact number and email id.

Press Releases: surgutneftegas.ru/en/press-center/press_releases
The above link is of press release link from Surgutneftegas’s official website. Visit the page to get all the upcoming news of the company.

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