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Audi Customer Service Number, Email ID, Head Office Address, Website

Audi is a German multinational automotive company. This company was founded in the year of 1910 in Germany. They provide various automobile products in different categories such as sports car, luxury vehicles, SUV, crossover, coupe and much more. They provide their products all around the world including Germany.

In Germany, they provide various automobile products in different categories such as sports cars, luxury vehicles, SUV, crossover, coupe, convertible, accessories and some other relevant products. You can find more information regarding their products and service in their official website. They provide you all the help and support regarding their products, service, career, contact, test drive and dealer details. You can buy their products from their official showrooms by using various payment methods. You can also make contact with their officials from their official website regarding any queries.

If you are having any kind of queries and complaints related their products & services then customers can talk with their customer service team on below given contact details. Here below you can find the useful answer of some general searchings of customers about the company such as how to contact Audi Germany, what is the phone number of Audi Germany, what is the head office address of Audi Germany, Audi showrooms in Germany, Audi Germany contact details etc. We will also mention their head office contact details, official website, social profiles and some important links of their site.

Audi Logo

Audi Germany Customer Service Contact Details

Audi Customer Service Contact Number: N/A

Audi Customer Service Email ID: N/A

The customer care contact details of them are not available, but you can get their official office contact details in next section.

Audi Germany Head Office Contact Details

Audi Head Office Address: PO Box 10 04 57 85045 Ingolstadt

Audi Head Office Phone Number: 0800 – 28 347 378 423

Audi Head Office Fax Number: 0800 – 329 262 834

Audi Official Email ID: customercare@audi.de

Users can make contact with their officials at their head office regarding any queries. Here above we are sharing their official head office contact details. You can use provided information to make contact with their official at their head office regarding queries, complaint, service, booking, test drive, career or feedback. They provide you all the help and support regarding your queries.

Audi Official Website: www.audi.de

This is the official website link of the company, by following this link customer can reach their site and read their entire policies and terms & conditions also.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/AudiDE

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/audi_online

Google+ Fan Page: plus.google.com/+audide

Pinterest: pinterest.com/audiint

Linkedin Profile: linkedin.com/company/audi-of-america

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/user/Audi

Instagram Handle: instagram.com/audi_de

Here above we are sharing their official social networking profile account links. By following these profiles all further updates are directly updated on your timeline.

Important Links

News: audi.de/de/brand/de/neuwagen/layer/newsletter-bestellen
By following this link you can visit their site where you can read all latest news and details about them.

Dealer Locator: audi.de/de/brand/de/haendlersuche
Follow this link to check the latest dealers available in your city/town where you can easily buy their products.

Test Driveaudi.de/de/brand/de/neuwagen/layer/probefahrt
You can book a test drive online also by following this link, you can easily firstly test drive your choice car and then purchase it.

Career: audi.com/corporate/de/karriere
If you are seeking for jobs in this company then this link may be so beneficial to you.

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  • minwoo lee March 12, 2018, 11:00 am

    I recently have had a problem related to car door(audi a6) was locked with the car key inside of the car. Last night of March 11, 2018, I contacted to Audi service center located in Korea, but one of staffs in customer service said that the problem is not their business(Audi service center)”. There was nothing i could do so I called key repairman to open the car. I spent money to open the car and time.

    The staff who is working at the customer service told me the accident is not related with them and AUDI. The technician in customer service also said there is no such technology they can fix this problem. Does it make sence? who is going to be charge for this sort of problems. However, a key repairman whom I called could resolve this problem within 10 minutes with easy technics. For the owners of Audi vehicles, what should they react on this kind of problem? who is going to be in charge for this problem? This technical issues should be solved and the Headquarter is supposed to educate their staff who is working at customer service in order to solve customer’s reqeust. I am wondering how audi could compensate on this accident. Also, I suggest you this technical issue, which is locked with a car key inside, seems very necessary for your service center technicains.

    If you no not solve this problem, I will mention it on all SNS and let people know it around the world.
    I hope you will be able to answer ASAP.

  • Bame July 22, 2018, 12:51 pm


    I bought an Audi TFSI last year at Barlowworld in Botswana. I took the car for brakes replacement and unfortunately the car was involved in an accident whilst the technician there was test driving it. I told the dealership management that I cannot take a car that had been involved in an accident because when I brought it,it was accident free. They promised to organise a car for me but it has been 3 months already. They asked me to check some two cars last time and both cars were below standard compared to the one I bought from them. I send my query to Audi South Africa and they also failed to assist. I hope i will get some help that side.

  • Dr. Li April 11, 2019, 6:26 am

    I am writing to complain about the atrocious and dishonest service that I received at the Audi dealership recently.

    Key contact person: Mark (in service department) (conversations recorded are all saved)

    Case Handler: A. QUINLAN
    Chester Rd, Old Trafford, Stretford, Manchester M16 9UA
    Tel: 0044-(161) 876 1234

    We brought the car to Audi for service on 6th November 2018 for a service. The service normally takes 3 days maximum. However shortly afterwards, I received a phone call from the service department stating that that needed to pay £3600 to repair the car. However Audi refused to provide an invoice detailing the repairs required. Later it became apparent that the £3600 worth of damage was caused by Audi’s own staff during the service/maintenance and Audi had tried to bill me for the damage that they had caused!

    Audi detained my car for months for repair works and provided me with an Audi A3 courtesy car. I repeatedly requested a bigger courtesy car,. I do not feel that this is an unreasonable request given the size difference between my A8 and the A3 courtesy car. However, Mark would not consider providing me with a car of a larger size unless I paid £3600. This is a wholly unreasonable request, particularly considering that he was unable to provide any invoice detailing the repair work required.

    The Audi A3 courtesy car is a much smaller car than my A8. My step father had to sit in the cramped conditions of the A3 when he was visiting from China and this caused his knee to swell. As a result, we had to take him to the hospital to have this treated and ended up paying £1,111 treatment costs on the NHS.
    Mark from the Service department repeatedly claims that he does not understand my speech. I am from China, I came to the UK in 2004. Although I speak English with an accent, others are able to understand me. I graduated from the University of Oxford and my professors are able to understand me, my British colleagues are able to understand me and I use English in every day situations. However Mark claims that he is unable to understand me. I feel that he uses this as an excuse to evade responsibility and as a result I am being discriminated against.

    On 15th March 2019, I received a letter from a solicitor appointed by Audi asking me to compromise and that my response was required by 27th March 2019. Given that that Audi detained my car for several months in order to repair it, I found it laughable that I now suddenly had 12 days to decide whether this compromise was acceptable or not. Furthermore, the solicitor mentioned in the letter that I had incurred £1900 worth of costs that I no longer need to pay for. I am unaware of what these costs were for, as Audi repeatedly refused to provide an invoice or list of works to be carried out.
    As mentioned on the phone, the following issues regarding my car have still not been resolved:

    1) The left side mirror still needs to be repaired or replaced. The right side mirror is also not good to use now.

    2) The windscreen wiper is still not working properly.
    I cannot comprehend why Audi cannot provide a detailed list of repairs resulting in the quoted £1900 or £3600 repair costs.

    The disgraceful treatment that we have experienced and the complete lack of respect is inexcusable.

    I do not wish to take this to the media. However if Audi repeatedly treats customers in this unreasonable manner, I reserve the right to inform the public, as I do not wish this sort of treatment to be experienced by anyone else.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Dr. LI
    Manchester Audi, The UK

  • LORNA April 25, 2019, 9:12 pm

    on Monday 22 April 2019 afternoon, my Audi A3, which is less than a year old, stopped working, the engine would start, but the car would not move. my Husband called Audi Assist, a tow truck was dispatched, we requested that the car be towed to centurion dealership, which the tow truck driver confirmed that he will take the car first thing, on Tuesday morning.
    on Tuesday, my husband and i spent the whole day calling Audi centurion and Audi Assist, trying to locate the whereabouts of the car and the update on the car. every hour when we called, we were told that someone would call us back- this went on till about 5pm.
    on Wednesday midday i received a call from a callcentre agent from Audi asking if the car is fine- to which i responded that i had still not received my car as the dealership could not locate the car, no one knew where my car was. the call centre agent then recalled that my car could not be located, i then asked her when i will receive my car- she did not know, i then asked if i would at least get a courtesy car as no one knew where my car was – to which she responded that there was a 3 week waiting list.

    at about 2:30 Wednesday, the dealership called my husband that the car has just been located and it was being taken to the dealership.

    today, Thursday 25th April, my husband called the dealership, and he was told that an arrangement was made with me directly, which was a lie, NO ONE from AUDI called me to give me any update on my car.

    i then called Audi centurion at 4pm- MDU was the guy who was apparently dealing with my car, everytime i called, i would not get hold of this MDU, i LEFT SEVERAL MESSAGES for him to call me back, one would swear they avoiding me.

    this has to be the worst service from Audi, i have been a loyal customer to Audi and this is the worst service i have ever experienced.

    i have been without a car for a week now and i don’t even know if i will ever get it back, let alone know what the problem is as the car , which is less than a year, just decided to stop working.

    Audi South Africa is really unprofessional and gives the worst service.

  • DAVID RAMNARINE July 17, 2019, 9:51 pm

    I recently purchased an Audi A6 2012 from Singapore. A few days after, I had to change the batteries in both Remotes. Now the Remotes are not working with the car. We have no Audi Dealers or Agents in Guyana. I need help, please provide guidance on how I can initialised the Remotes back to the vehicle.

  • Kerlan Daisley August 21, 2019, 7:23 pm

    What is the head Audi contact number in North America?

  • maria warrington August 26, 2019, 3:35 am

    I dont have access to any of today’s fashionable sites, i.e. Facebook etc, and I just want Audi to know a very simple comment I wish to make ( this is the only page I can find to send Audi people a message .)
    I JUST LOVE YOUR TV ADVERTS. Classy, sophisticated and, elegant, just like Audi motor cars.
    You might think I live a very ‘sheltered life ‘ to make comment on a TV ad’ , I dont actually…but so be it.
    I rarely watch TV and boring chatter to sell cars is mind numbing to say the least until the Audi ad’ appears. , no words, just beautiful music. Whatever you do dont change the marketing people !
    I’m sure I’m not the only one to be impressed.
    I no longer drive but the ad’ makes me want to ,and for that alone I wish you all more and more success, Maria Warrington.

  • Mohamed Hassanin September 12, 2019, 10:40 pm

    Dear Mr,
    I am sending you this message to ask for help concerning my complaint about my Audi A3 sedan 2015 that faced a serious electrical problem one month ago and I followed all the rules and the agency here in cairo centre Katameya in Egypt check it for 10 days and finally they told me that it was an electrical connection fault that they had solved completely and I can drive my car safely so I took my car and it was fine for 6 days then the same error came back again which is too annayoing and frustrating …..All my services were done inside the official agency and really this is not the experiance I wait from a great compancy like audi so plz make them help me solving this error correctly
    My car motor number 221481
    Chassis number 1062428

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