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Joice Hasselmann Contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website, Office

Joice Hasselmann is a well-known political figure of Brazil who currently serves as the Federal Deputy from São Paulo. Many people are looking for a way to contact her but couldn’t find them. This article is prepared for all such users who are asking for Joice Hasselmann Whatsapp number, Joice Hasselmann email IDs, Joice Hasselmann office address, Joice Hasselmann email IDs, Joice Hasselmann residence details etc. In case these details don’t help you, you can go for the links section which includes Joice Hasselmann website, Joice Hasselmann social accounts.

Joice Hasselmann

Joice Hasselmann is a popular Brazilian politician who is also famous as a journalist, writer, activist, and political commentator. She is at the current post of Federal Deputy from São Paulo. She was appointed to this post in Feb 2019. Besides these, she has been also serving as Chamber PSL Leader since December 2019.  Hasselmann also worked as in 2019. She supports PSL Party since 2018. She has worked at CBN radio station, BanBews FM station, RecordTV, Veja Magazine and many other known platforms. You can have more details of Joice Hasselmann from her website. Other famous politicians you can contact are Grace Mendonca, Hamilton Mourao, Jair Bolsonaro and Marcel van Hattem.

About/Wiki Joice Hasselmann

Joice Hasselmann Full Name  Joice Cristina Hasselmann
Joice Hasselmann DOB  29 January 1978

Joice Cristina Hasselmann took birth on 29 January 1978 in Ponta Grossa. She completes her studies from the State University of Ponta Grossa.

What are the Phone Numbers of Joice Hasselmann?

Joice Hasselmann Personal Phone Number  N/A
Joice Hasselmann Whatsapp Number  N/A
Joice Hasselmann Mobile Number  N/A
Joice Hasselmann Office Phone Number  +55 11 99520-1701
Joice Hasselmann Fax Number  N/A

The office number of Joice Hasselmann is added above. We couldn’t find her personal numbers.

What are the Email IDs of Joice Hasselmann?

Joice Hasselmann Personal Email ID  N/A
Joice Hasselmann Office Email ID  contatodajoice@gmail.com

This is the email ID managed and handled by Joice Hasselmann. You can write all your queries to this email address.

What are the Contact Addresses of Joice Hasselmann?

Joice Hasselmann Residence Address  Sao Paolo, Brazil
Joice Hasselmann Office Address  N/A

If you wanna know the office details of Joice Hasselmann, then you need to visit us later. We will add these details very soon.

Official Website: www.jhnchannel.com

Get more details of Joice Hasselmann from her this website. She shares all the important information there.

Social Media Profiles of Joice Hasselmann

Facebook Fan Page  facebook.com/joicehasselmann
Twitter Handle  twitter.com/joicehasselmann
Instagram Handle  instagram.com/joicehasselmannoficial
YouTube Channel  youtube.com/channel/UCgfV9J6FuOXaJnp-UuNRydA
Snapchat ID  N/A

Follow Joice Hasselmann on social media platforms. These are official and verified channels of her.

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